Do Guaranteed Signup Programs Work? Discover the Hidden Truth About Paid Sign Ups

Jeff Mills, a popular internet marketer and entrepreneur told us, "I got suckered in the guaranteed sign ups myth."

"It did not come as a surprise, as it was not the first time I was taken to the cleaners, and left out for dry," he added.

So, buyers beware. There is no such thing as a guaranteed sign up, or a guaranteed conversion.

We have done our research and have yet to discover a guaranteed paid sign up program that works for the majority of the people using them.

Find us one person who has had any success with paid sign ups or paid conversions, and we might become a believer.

Mills stated, "I think that there are many easily fooled people, but the model we promote is only for smart people."

Smart People huh? What did Jeff mean by that? So we asked him.

"Smart people are the ones who check things out, do their due dillegence, get references, and referrals, before they leap into things that seem too good to be true. So before you join any guaranteed sign up program, ask them for 5-10 people which have measureable results from using their service, ask for proof. If they don't have the words of Monty Python...'run away!'"

So has Jeff Mills found something that might replace the guaranteed sign-up scams?

"As a matter of fact I have," said Mills.

"We do have a similar model, but it is not a guaranteed sign up model at all, cause you can't guarantee people will succeed at anything, there are too many factors, but we have discovered a better way, which is bringing in a sign up and closing ratio of 20% on the high side, and I can tell you... any person who is in a home based business would die to get a 20% closing ratio," offered Jeff.

What Mills and others have discovered is a new model involving call centers. Jeff Mills' model is called the Coastal Call Center.

The Coastal Call Center is a one of a kind model because they do all the work, once targeted prospects get infront of and respond to their message.

The call center operators will follow up prospects for the marketers. They will present the business for the marketers. They will close the marketers prospects for them, and they will send them a paycheck, the same day they get the person signed up in the business and all that is required is that users just place their own marketing messages in the media, to promote what the call center does!

You may see ads like this from others promoting this unique business model. Here are a few samples:

Earn $1000 Per Day!
WE help you advertise.
WE take the calls.
$1,995 one-time purchase
(800) 704-7344 2189JM

Lazy Man's Way to Wealth
Earn up to $1000 per day
We do 95% of YOUR work
Just place ads like this one
$1995 start-up cost
(800) 704-7344 2189JM

Huge demand.
We pay $1000 per sale.
No sales exp. needed.
We close your sales.
$1995 start up.

"I have been using this model now since the middle of April, 2005, and so far, it has yeilded a 5 figure income in less than two weeks. The reason I believe it is happening is because we have a unique business proposition which compells the seeker to want to take action and when they do, the results are proven higher than any other type of guaranteed sales or sign-up model that I have seen, plus we have a travel product that is in huge demand for people who love to travel," said Mills.

Maybe Mills has stumbled upon something worth looking into? Maybe it is another sham worth staying away from. Let the reader be warned and see for themselves by evaluating Jeff Mills' website for proof and validation.

Mills added, "You see, this model is not for everyone, as it does require a one time purchase, but look at the return! $1000 commission on every sale. This might be exactly what people are looking for and the only way they will experience and know the truth is to try it themselves. I think people really want to show people how smart they really are, and how they can finally make money on the internet."

Jeff Mills is a Former Youth Pastor of 9 years. He is a very successful information entrepreneur and has built multiple 6 figure incomes from his home office. Jeff is currently involved in many passionate projects which you can read about immediately at: and

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