The Wisdom Of Giving Away Something For Nothing

If you're new to Internet Business, this might be hard to absorb. "Me? Giving away for free? I'm in business, not charity!" I heard you. That thought came across my mind once. Let me tell you the wonders of giving something away for free.

Let's face it ? shoppers on the web love getting something for nothing. So don't disappoint them. Give them what they want. Still don't see the point? Alright.

The benefit of giving something away for free is that you can use the e-mail addresses you receive with entries for future mailings such as newsletters and follow-ups related to your products and services.

Secondly, giving something away for free allows you to prove your worth. Sharing your expertise freely in your newsletters and offering people to try out your services for free would keep your prospects away from sitting on the fence or feeling indecisive about contracting with you.

If done correctly, the freebie you gave away can be viral. That means the person who downloaded your freebie will give away to a friend who will in turn give to another. This is called "viral marketing". This is will indirectly increase your credibility and a higher chance to make your sales. For example, if you a write a free report on a subject in the form of an E-book, you can include your product sales letters at the back of the report. With many visitors downloading your free report, this will raise your chances of making sales.

Regardless of any type of business you're into, you have to work for free in the initial stages of your business. If you're starting a conventional business, you will need to invest time, money and effort into starting one in your spare time. You also know that you will not make money until the business is ready. The Internet Business is not much different. You will need to invest the same entities into making your Internet Business a success. However, the Internet Business offers advantages over a Conventional Business whereby you don't need to invest THOUSANDS of dollars and you can give something away free in unlimited numbers with little effort and no money on your part (e.g. free reports, trial software, etc.).

The conclusion? If you want to create success on the Internet then consider working for free. With a little generosity, rather than to receive and you shall give, you should give and you shall receive.

Edmund Loh is the author of E-Biz Wiz Blog with over six years of experience in Web and Image Designing. He now sells a trademarked manual, Mini-Encyclopedia of Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models and runs a Point-n-click Internet Business Generator service.

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