Did You Say Free?!

There are books and web sites for the translation of the newest universal language...internet lingo! This is a fascinating new tool that shortens or abbreviates words and phrases for more efficient written communication.

However, it seems that some very simple concepts have gotten caught up in this lingo and perhaps their true meaning has been distorted. Take, for example, the word 'FREE'! According to the Tormont Webster's Dictionary 'FREE' means without charge, not under obligation, costing nothing. Yet when the word is used in large, bold letters on a web site 'FREE' almost always costs around $29.95!

Obviously someone forgot to include 'FREE' in the lists of translations, because this surely can't be the word referred to in the dictionary. Free enterprise is using free speech to obtain free capital from free agents and in the process becoming a free-booter!

If there really is no confusion over the meaning of the word, there should be some standards implemented for it's use. Inefficient as it may be, maybe they should try '99%FREE'!

Of course there are a hundreds of other areas that are equally inconsistent and maybe just as much fun to ponder. It's all part of the wonderful world of internet marketing. Surely, anyone who owns a web site or surfs them will find something that makes them scratch their head in wonder. After all is said and done, it really is quite funny, and the laughs are '100% FREE'!

Marlene Carter, YourAlbertaVacation.com is my first foray into the world of internet marketing. Cj2Info.net followed soon after. They're both great fun. I hope everyone will visit!

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