A Frugal Internet Marketing Strategy That Works!

So you finally created the website that your business or brand needs to market globally, but nobody is clicking on your site and the phone never rings. It seems that you have immediately become fodder for those other marketers to sell you their manuals about web marketing, but you might as well have spent your website development money on a gym membership.

Quite simply, there are millions of websites on the Internet, and only a few can have top positions in a search engine. If your company is "top dog" in a significant search engine for the right key words, then your company has arrived. A first page listing in Google or Yahoo on popular words integral to your site should help you bring home the bacon.

For about $4000 upfront, companies like Morevisibility.com and SubmitExpress.com will help move your site up in search engine ranking, if you also invest in pay-per-click advertising. Some good ones to try are the pay-per-click venues that Google and Yahoo or a hosting company like Interland runs. There you can choose some keywords that are ultra-relevant to your site and bid on how much you are willing to pay per click to determine how high up on the sponsor list of links you appear on the right side of well-trafficked pages. Of course, how often is also determined by how much monthly money you can commit to this marketing approach.

A still less expensive and very effective way to tell people about your company website is to use a feature writing service that will write and distribute a feature about a topic which is of interest to people. Within this feature, they will subtly couch a PR mention about your company and your web address. These popular features get distributed to newspapers nationwide ? both online and print --and Internet editors at e-zines, newsletters, article directories and search engines. They usually get printed as written, unlike the ordinary press release which often winds up in the garbage.

If you try a newer service like Points of Persuasion Syndicate (P-O-P-S), you will get maximum service, real PR agency savvy and enthusiasm at a price point you cannot beat. When you click on http://www.p-o-p-s.com/info.asp, you can read about the service offered to clients. Then you can hit the Home page at www.p-o-p-s.com and click on the Available Columns link to see some of the features that editors can download for a year or so. P-O-P-S guarantees their features will be downloaded by at least 25 editors in six months, or you get a free second feature. A company spokesperson assures us that the usage has always been much greater than that.

Myrna Greenhut is currently president of P-O-P-S, a service designed to supply incremental newspaper and Internet PR impressions for companies-large and small, Associations and PR agencies. As a consumer product publicist, she has been with numerous independent and advertising affiliated PR agencies like The Rowland Company, Ogilvy & Mather, Cairns & Associates, D-A-Y as well as having done major freelance PR projects for Avon Products Incorporated.

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