FFA Links and Free Classified Ads Dont Work

There are many ways to initiate traffic to your website, but unfortunately there are some that are just a waste of time. Two kinds of advertising many webmasters get caught up in when they first start to get their website rolling is Free For All (FFA) links, and free classified advertising.

Free For All advertising in my opinion is a huge waste of your time, and your websites bandwidth. I do admin that you will generate traffic, however it comes in spurts as you submit your website to their FFA pages, and generally speaking the traffic is untargeted and normally leaves your website almost immediately. Another common misconception about FFA websites is that they will help you get higher rankings because of links pointing to your website. If you actually go read the rules about Google and its' bots, it mentions FFA links and "link farms" and how they will not help your rankings. Only relevant links from similar websites really help you out.

Free Classified Advertising is another great way to waste your time. Let me be very clear about this subject though. There are many legitimate classified advertising websites, such as local town newspapers, and various other great websites. At the same time there are hundreds of websites who have nothing but classified advertising that almost no one reads except bots and automated submission programs. You can even buy programs to submit your classified advertisings to thousands of different websites!

My biggest point I'd like to get across is that yes there are many ways to generate large sums of traffic in a short time to your new website, but most of that traffic isn't going to generate the type of response you're interested in receiving. Free for all links and Free classified advertising are just a big time sucking void that will waste your time, bandwidth, and money. If you want to generate traffic, put good original content on your website, submit your website to search engines and the DMOZ directory and give it some time!

Ken Dennis

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