Think Your Way to the Gold Online!

If you have ever wanted to know HOW the Internet Experts make money on the Internet, then this article could be the most important report you have read this year!

Over the next few articles you are going to receive information that will blow your mind, it will stretch your reality and most of all it will make you want to take action to learn more about the skills of making money on the Internet.

The 5 Internet Experts you will here about all started out a lot like you and me. Through trial and error backed by persistence action they have all gone on to be experts in their fields.

I want to get straight into the first success tip, but first I want to ask you a question! Please let me ask you this...

Could you or would you get excited about earning an extra $5000 a month on the Internet???

Does that get you going at all? An extra $5000 a month!! Could that provide you with some leverage in you life?

If that excites you then IMAGINE making $200,000 in one day. That's right one day and $200,000 big ones!! Now how would that change your lifestyle? More Holidays maybe???

Well this is what our first Expert Internet Phil Gosling made in one day. In the first e-book from the e-book series Internet Experts Phil talks about 'How Anyone Can Make a Six Figure Working from Home on the Internet'

You first Internet Success Tip comes from this e-book, so sit back and open your mind as you read about how Phil Gosling creates an e-book.

Internet Success Tip 1 from the Internet Experts E-Book Series!

Creating an E-Book, the first thing you need to do is think of a niche market. Anything you can think of like Formula One Racing, Tennis, Massage Therapy, or a hobby like Stamps or Knitting. It could be a problem that you have and many other people have e.g. Asthma or Hair Loss etc.

What you can thing of that is of interest to you, because quite possibly it could be of interest to millions of people.

Once you have your subject and we will pick "Weight Loss" for this example. Go to www. and type in your subject word "Weight Loss" followed by the word "Newsletter". Now Google will search the internet and bring up every website in the world that has the "Weight Loss" and the word "newsletter" on their web page. 9 times out of 10, you can be fairly certain that that particular website that may be devoted to Weight Loss also has some kind of online newsletter, also meaning they have members or subscribers. Some of these websites could have members or subscribers in the millions!

Here's where you can get your information for your e-book you can go back through the online newsletters picking out the tips from 10 or 20 back issues, which are all free. Just make notes of all the good points and tips that you can use. Then put all your points and Hot tips together into an e-book saying "50 Hot Tips on Weight Loss" or "How to Lose Weight, 50 Tips to get you feeling Healthy again".

Use one page per tip, so you will have an e-book of about 50 pages or so. Now you don't just have to use back issues newsletters you could you magazines or books to get your information. Just make sure you summarise it into notes and not actually copy the information out word for word.

Now please let me ask you another question. Could you do this? I hope you're saying yes, I hope a little light bulb is going off in your head!! Saying I can do that!

You see Phil Gosling used this technique to make $200,000 in one day! What if you made 5% of that in one day using this technique would that make a difference in your life? Would you be able to go on more holidays? Would you spend more time doing the stuff you really want to do?

The next Internet Success Tip 2 from the Internet Experts E-Book Series will blow you away! The author used this tip to create $4.2 million in 12 weeks!!!!

Have Fun and Take Care

Scott Wilson is the owner and editor of the following to websites. AND I also offer a coaching program to help people make their first dollar online.

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