Book Yourself Solid Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients

The Book Yourself Solid article series continues with

Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients

Your clients are an expression and an extension of you. When I first started out on my own, I would work with anyone who had a heartbeat and a credit card. Now I live by the red velvet rope policy of ideal clients. By defining my ideal clients increased my productivity? happiness? and I got more perfect clients by referral than I ever thought possible.

I was able to eliminate the painful negative energy and time spent worrying about challenging client relationships. I went through an intense period of exhaustion and I wasn't able to accomplish the highest good for my clients. You can't possibly be productive, effective or successful if you're working with clients that are not ideal.

MENTAL EXERCISE: For maximum joy, prosperity and abundance think about the human you are when you are performing optimally at your peak?when you are with all the people who inspire and energize you. Wouldn't it be great to spend every day working with super-cool people that are both friends and clients? It is completely possible once you identify who you want to work with?and with absolute certainty determine that you will settle for nothing less.

I know this can seem really scary early on, but hang with me. Embrace the concept and trust that as we move through the seven keys, your fears and concerns will all be answered. Rest assured, once you define your ideal clients, you get to dumb your duds. I hereby, give you permission to release any dead wood in your calendar. You will then Book Yourself Solid and work with inspiring ideal clients with whom you do your best work.

WRITTEN EXERCISE Start by identifying specific characteristics that your ideal clients possess. Keep in mind your favorite clients ? the ones you love so much you'd practically work for free. Here are my top five to get you in the mood.

- Bright (fun, lively and expressive humans)

- Courageous (dream big and aren't afraid to take risks)

- Resilient (come back for more even in the face of failure)

- Think big (they have high aspirations and their projects benefit lots of people)

- Naturally collaborative (they see the benefit of working with others to accomplish their goals)

Now, come up with your own.

1. _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________

4. _____________________________________________

5. _____________________________________________

6. _____________________________________________

7. _____________________________________________

8. _____________________________________________

9. _____________________________________________

10. ____________________________________________

Benefits of working with Ideal Clients:

- You do your best work

- You don't feel drained or tired

- You feel invigorated and inspired

- You connect with clients on a deeper level

- You feel successful and confident

- You know your work matters and is changing lives

- Current clients consistently refer new clients to you

- The magic of you sparkles and comes to life!

Congratulations! You just created a filtration system for potential clients. I'm sure you've heard the expression A. B. C. - Always Be Closing. Instead, I say?A. B. C. ? Always Be Communicating! Let everybody and anybody know how you help people (your invest-able opportunities) and who your ideal clients are. Cool? Got it? Good.

Stayed tuned for Key #3: Cash In On The Brilliant, Creative And Quirky You!

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