Three Ways to Get Top Quality Content for Your Niche Websites

Three Ways to Get Top Quality Content for Your Niche Websites

Good, popular, profitable niche topic websites need good content. Period. You and I both know this.

Now, there are many ways to get content online...

1. You can hire freelance writers, and have them create custom content to be used by you exclusively. This is the best way to get content, because if you choose your writers well, you can get decent content on the topic of your choice. And chances are pretty slim that anyone else online will have the exact same content you have. The cheapest rate I've seen this service at though, is $4 per article. Usually it's more like $10 and up per article if you want good content. So a mere 20 articles will cost you at least two hundred bucks!

2. Another great way to get content online though, is to join membership sites like Nicheology and Push Button Health. These sites give you a steady flow of rough draft content for one set price each month. The content usually needs some work, but it's generally worth it for the price paid. The catch though, is that these sites are usually filled to their limit. So if you want to join, you'll find yourself waiting in line... sometimes for over 6 months!

The other problem with membership sites is the number of people who have access to the exact same content. Nicheology for instance, limits the number of active members to 1500. That's 1499 other people besides yourself who have access to the exact same content. BUT... that's not including all of the previous members who ALSO had access to that content... and it's not including all of the new members who will come around in the future. They'll have access to that same content as well.

3. Now, one more excellent way to get website content is through free article distribution websites and mailing lists. You can literally get thousands upon thousands of articles completely free this way. There's a couple of catches to this method though... First: You have to keep the author's name on the article. You're not allowed to change or edit the article. Usually you're not even allowed to link to one of your websites, pages or affiliate programs from within the article either. Then you have to include the "bio box" at the end of the article. This - by the way - tends to be an advertisement of some sort. And last but not least: You have to link to the author's website. And in many cases, you have to link to several of the author's websites.

Oh yeah... one more thing about these free articles: Since they're free - tens of thousands of other websites use them too!

Putting quality content on your website will help bring in relevant, targeted traffic. And that usually brings in more clicks... and more sales. Hopefully the above brief comparison helps you understand the different ways to get content for your site. Study them fully, and choose which one works best for you, your site needs, and your budget.

2005 Kathy Burns-Millyard

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