Four Steps To Eliminate Frustration and Turn Your Online Failure Into Internet Success

OK, you've been bustin' your butt trying to make money online, but it's just not working out.

You're one step away from tearing down your website and quitting the game forever. You may even be thinking about throwing your PC out a second story window.

What do you do?

Well, you either take that one final step to failure by quitting and regretting it forever, or...

Take four steps in the other direction and turn it all around.

Step #1: Step Back

That's right. Get the heck away from it.

You can market 'til you're blue in the face and not make a dime online. It's really easy to do. Ask anyone.

I know you're frustrated. It's OK. You know where you are right now and you're NOT happy about it.

Great! You know EXACTLY how to make an online business NOT work (me too).

You've learned allot already, and you've done far more than many EVER will. Be proud, you deserve it.

Step #2: Get a Clear Picture

What is it that you are ultimately trying to accomplish?

What do you really want?

This step trips up more people than you can imagine. I mean, it just doesn't make sense, does it? Everyone knows what they want from their business... more money.

I agree. However, that's just not good enough.

It should read a little more like: "I want to earn between three thousand and five thousand dollars per month online by selling hair growth products to bald people."

Gosh you're rude. ;o)

Step #3: Choose Your Path

Have you been to Parkersburg, West Virginia?

No? Well, do you think you could go get in your car and drive to Parkersburg without a map or directions?

Even though a major highway runs right by it, many would have to say... no.

Well, have you ever made between three thousand and five thousand dollars in a month online?

If so, congratulations. But if you haven't... well, you're going to need a map. Do your research and use or develop a solid plan.

Step #4: Run Like H*ll

Do I really need to explain this one?

Yes, it's going to take work. Sometimes it's ho-hum boring, repetitive, dull and just no fun at all, but it's worth it.

Hey, if you've knocked out the three steps above you're almost there. Do whatever you have to do to complete the trip.

Now, what if it doesn't work? I mean, that's the biggest related fear, right? Fear of failure is why many don't even get started.

It also happens to be why I have so many of my early projects tucked away in a deep, dark corner of my hard drive.

What if I fail? What if it doesn't work?

Well, congratulations!

That's right, congratulations. If it doesn't work, you will know another way NOT to do it next time. You are a step closer. Actually, you're two steps closer.

You don't have to get upset. You don't have to get angry, sad, or depressed. You don't even have to admit it to your friends (or take a sledge hammer to your PC).

Just go back to step three, figure out where it went wrong, rewrite your plan and jump back on step four.

Being stubborn has it's advantages.

Never give up. Never give in.

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