Internet Marketing - A Leap Of Faith

Do you remember as a child having to do something you really didn't want to do because it was difficult?

Was it music lessons? Or dancing? Or some kind of sporting activity? I am sure you can remember something that your parents really wanted you to do, but you rebelled against!

With almost everyone there is something they tried, and failed to do as a child.

Can you remember how good you felt, when finally your parents gave into your demands and let you 'give it up', but that feeling didn't last forever, did it?.

Ten or fifteen years later didn't you look back and hate yourself, for making that decision to quit all those years ago?

Do you remember looking at your friends, the one or two who did continue, with envy at what they managed to achieve?

Don't you remember thinking 'that could have been me..' Don't you remember feeling angry with your parents for letting you give up, when you could have made a success of things, if you had just kept going when things got tough.

But it is easy to blame others for decisions made when you were young, and as a child you were too immature to see the big picture.

Yet as an adult there is no-one else to blame, and many adults take up things later on in life, everything from scuba diving to hang gliding, to internet marketing! But surprisingly, most people still give up after a short time.

But why? You would have thought that the benefits of maturity and hindsight would have told them to keep going.

Sadly the fact is most people give up on everything in life when it becomes difficult.

Most people, even as adults, can still not see the 'Big Picture'. They fail because they do not like doing the mundane, boring and time consuming tasks, that everyone who has ever succeeded in anything has to do initially.

It they don't achieve success immediately, they start to doubt themselves, and doubt that what they are doing will ever make them successful.

They can not make that leap of faith. Faith in themselves, and faith in what they are doing.

Today, in my new career helping people to make money on the internet, I see people trying to achieve financial independence, and it really saddens me when they give up after just a short time.

Most people start off by trying to go it alone, to teach themselves.

They get themselves a free affiliate/associate website, they then put in a few ads on free classified sites, and soon become disillusioned after failing to make any sales. Most quit at this stage.

Of the people left, some decide that it must be the product that is wrong, so they sign up for ten or twenty more free associate sites, but they then find that their problems are magnified ten or twenty times, since they now have to promote all of these different sites individually.

They put ten or twenty ads in the same free classified sites, but still end up with no sales. Most of these people then quit at this stage.

A few enlightened people however don't give up. They look around for a 'teacher', or 'mentor'. They look at the people who have become successful, and are making money, and they decide to learn off of them.

As a former teacher, I try to show people the correct way of doing things in order to succeed.

For example, contrary to what the companies themselves say, you will not make much money by directly promoting just one free affiliate site.

You need your own website, which has been professionally designed so that you can feature all of your programs at once. You then need to drive traffic to your one site, and there are lots of different ways of doing this.

Also, whatever you are selling, most people will not buy anything the first time, in fact they need to see the same thing seven or more times, before they decide to buy. You need an autoresponder system to keep reminding prospects over and over again about your products and services.

I explain to people that it is essential to remain in contact with your customers, so that they keep buying from you, and that you need to run a daily/weekly/monthly, newsletter or e-zine.

To do this you must have a listserver which allows you to send an e-mail to hundreds, or thousands of people all at once.

On my website I give away tons of FREE E-books and Software to help people succeed.

The point I always try to get across is that there is always a solution, to every problem, you just have to keep going until you find it.

Every single person who has ever been successful know this.

Problems are the food of success. Each problem or set back that you encounter, pushes you a bit closer towards achieving your goal!

Yes or course there is a lot to learn, but the average person with a bit of determination will succeed. Don't 'give up' just because things occasionally get tough.

Remember the lesson you learnt as a child, if you give up now, then in a few years time you will be bitter and angry with yourself for not going the distance.

Just remember it is impossible to fail, as long as you keep on trying.

So why not look at things again? It's not too late, even if you have 'given up' on the idea of making any serious money.

You owe it to yourself to make that leap of faith.

Start to believe in yourself, just one more time, and have faith in the people who really have made a success out of the internet, and want to help you succeed.

About The Author

Paul White is a 42 year old former teacher. He now helps people all around the world to become wealthy online. Whatever you are selling, visit the popular site: and if you subscribe to Profit Mountain's FREE wealth building newsletter, you will also receive FREE advertising for the next 12 months! (Worth $200!) as well as loads of other things!

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