How Do You Make Gold Online Without A Database?

That is a great question!

We all know by now that the long term success for having an online business comes from building and maintaining a database, and selling to the people on it again and again, right?

But what if (like me) you're too impatient to wait until the list is big enough to make lots of money from?

Our success has come from looking outside the square and trying to identify markets and ideas that aren't currently being utilised to their full potential.

Plus we don't let anything stand in our way, and will bulldoze through the so called hurdles.

We didn't have a big list when we started on the Internet so we decided to find someone who did!

What we did is put ourselves into the position where we were able to meet people who had what we were looking for, and seeing how we can help them, before we asked them to help us.

People don't just give freely any more, they are usually thinking WIFM!

'What's In It For Me?'

Once we built up a few good relationships, we then made our presentation to the owners of a few big databases.

Guess what happened?

Some of those people told us to go away!

'That was the censored version!!'

But guess what else happened?

Someone said yes!

We wrote up a brief sales letter for the database owner to send out to their list. It was written as though he himself had written it, and it explained the benefits of doing business with us, to the individual.

The moral of the story is to ask yourself 'How Can I?' Not 'Why Can't I?'

A good friend of mine has a motto that says... 'The Higher The Hurdle, The Easier It Is To Get Under It!'

Traditional thinking says I must jump over the hurdle, why?

There are easier ways to get past the hurdle, look for the alternate way to get to the same outcome you're looking for.

Have A Successful Week!

Take Care

Scott Wilson

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Scott Wilson

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