Ask Questions? To Help Find The GOLD

Here's another great idea that the gurus are using to create high profit online products.

It's called an 'ask page' and is designed to let the potential customers tell you what they want to buy.

For example: If you were going to write an ebook about growing vegetables, why not put up a page, asking your potential customer what would be their number one question about growing vegetables.

Now What?

Take your top 30 questions and use them as the bases of your product.

Now assuming you don't know diddly about growing vegetables.What you do is...get someone who does know about growing vegetables, to write it for you!

Now you might be wondering, why that might be? Easy!

Just go to and get someone to do it for you. This is a website where people reverse bid to do the work for you.

This means they bid to the lowest price to see who will get the job.

How Good Is That?

Then contact your web master to get him to create a similar page for you.

The Key here is to think like a business person and leverage your time by getting other people to do the ground work for you. This will give you more time to work on stuff that brings in the money e.g Your Marketing and Advertising.

Once you master the art of delegation you will open your mind to the power of leverage and your Internet Business will truly take off.

Good luck with this idea, please let me know your feedback:

Have Fun and Take Care

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Scott Wilson
Opportunity Creator

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