The Easy Days

The easy days are gone when you could build your website and two or three months later see it heading for the top of the searches in Google. Now you must be prepared to wait six to nine months to even see your website in the searches. Why has this happened?

The main problem was that so many people joined affiliate programs, they built a website expecting to be successful and making money in a couple of months. When this didn't happen they were simply abandoning their websites leaving them floating around in space until they disappeared, or people were building them for short term profits or scam programs.

If you are really interested in your business and you are prepared to wait and work on your website to see it appear in the searches then go ahead and build it. Otherwise don't waste your time or money.

The only way to climb the mountain is to put on your climbing boots and using various implements, take it slow but sure.

Build your link pages by contacting other webmasters and asking for reciprocal link exchanges, don't join link farms, and if you want to keep your traffic don't join webrings. Do it the old fashioned way and watch your website do the same as that mountaineer and climb slowly up. Ad content to your website, new pages for articles, there are loads of sites out there willing to let you print their articles for free. Pick a subject you are interested in and make it into a page that will interest the people who are looking around your website. This could mean you will have visitors returning to see what else you have added.

Optimise your website using keywords and meta tags, and keep your site tidy. Don't use colours that glare out and send your visitors scuttling off.

If you only have short periods of time to spend on your website, then use it wisely. While at work relieve your boredom by thinking up projects and ideas, this will save time. Instead of sitting in front of your PC wondering what to do it will be there in your head all ready to get going. And last but not least, Write articles yourself, submit them to websites and ezines, get yourself known.

Author Sylvia White, Owner of Business websites,, and

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