Creating Multiple Streams Of Income Part 1

One day I was talking to a friend who had made his money in real estate. He had bought apartment buildings, paid them off, and now lives off of the income his building bring in month after month. I said that sounds easy enough. He told me that if he had to do that today he wouldn't even try. At the time he bought his buildings real estate doubled in price about every 6 to 8 years. He told me that you would have to wait at least double the years to see any real increase in value.

But the concept of having multiple income streams coming in month after month intrigued me. Online is the absolute easiest means of doing this. An income that continues to come in whether you work or not, and that does exist.

Many programs promise to do this for you. But the problem with most of these "opportunities" is that they are money-making ventures aimed NOT at giving YOU the opportunity to earn a significant income, but are rather schemes designed to line the pockets of the programs' creators!

So the problem is how do you find the programs that will create that multiple income stream. Why not let the experts do it for you. That's what we do. There are experts out there looking for the best programs, and they will share that information with you, after all, it benefits everyone when they do.

What To Look For whether you follow a program such as No BS Zone for example to have new opportunities delivered to you or you are looking for opportunities yourself there are some criteria you should use to judge whether a program is worth the time and investment. For example the company should provide or have:

The company should provide some legal information about their company, . A product or service that has real value at a fair price A compensation plan that provides for spillover (you get members under you automatically). And a forced matrix that "compresses" (you'll never have "holes" in your group). (More on this)

If the product or service is not distributed via network marketing a revenue share or commission pay out that pays a good commission, at least 10% to 20% or more.

The complete specs on their technical aspects including their server information etc. Are they using a shared or dedicated server.

A complete profile of everyone on the program's management team.

A means to contact downline members

A money back guarantee

A try it free program so you can learn.

Running Multiple Programs

It's highly unlikely that if you try to become successful trying to run multiple programs that you will have the success you are looking for. The trick is to develop one program then move on to another. You can try and join free programs to "get in line" so to speak and when they launch you can decide whether you have the time or decide whether the program deserves your attention to make it successful. For example I recently heard about a new search engine called ZaBang. They have the intention of becoming one of the top search engines on the Internet an sharing their revenues with you. You can join free, check out their information and when they launch and you can decide whether it's worth your while. You can join free here.

Another option is to use a service such as NoBSZone. that are screening opportunities for you. That way you have some confidence that these opportunities are worth the work you put into them.

Online Success Programs Even if you join a good program getting that message out to as many people as possible is at times very difficult. Use the expert advice that we do. The 5 Pillar Program is free to join and you get literally thousands of free pages of information on how to build a successful Internet business. This is well worth the time and can get you started on the right foot.

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Bob Power has been an Internet entrepreneur for longer than he would like to remember. He is the president of and, both of which is deducated to the education of feeds.

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