Two Good Marketing Ideas - One of Them Great!

Last week, I wrote my first marketing/list building article. Could not get the activity out of my mind.

So, here are two more....the second one a doozie!

First, as I am doing day after day, build an ongoing TIPS series....mine is called Health, WellBeing and Gardening. Container Gardening was mind relieving as I assisted my mother, an Alzheimers' patient, during the last years of her life.

The wonder about TIPS is that they keep your mind going, keep you reading, sharpen your ability to make connections. So, from Apple Orchards to fields of Zinnias, think TIPS... Sign on to read mine... I am developing a great bibliography.

After completing my 400 item TIPS collection, I will produce a VIRAL product in e-book form. I will reserve authorship and two links for myself.. and give the Tips away to other internet marketers who will imbed their links .....and so it goes.

My second marketing idea.....I don't think I can come up with anything MAKE GIFTS OF WEBSITES to town, county, neighborhood and larger area business owners.

Start off by going to looking for cheap websites. I found NINE MILLION entries registration, hosting, templates...Start up cost should be about $100 or so, with $15 or so dollars monthly for hosting and odds and ends.

When you are good at it, you should be able to get sites up and running in sixty to ninety minutes. You might even walk into a business owner's office with your portable computer, a template website at the ready....and suggestions of the language of the site. If it would work, a business owner may want to record part of the language of the site....

Here is the benefit for the end of each site is YOUR resource lines about you, and one/two lines about your business.

Go with this.....see what happens!!....BUILD THAT LIST!

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