Dont Forget B.O.B.!

So you've got everything in place, busily working away for you. You've got your banners out, you've exchanged links, you've optimized your site for the search engines, you've got ad and P.P.C. campaigns bringing site visitors, your sales copy is converting them to customers or getting them on your list. But did you forget B.O.B.?

B.O.B. - the Best Of Both worlds. Man does not live on the Internet alone, you know. Those same people who become your customers online actually live and breathe in the outside world. Let B.O.B. help you integrate the outside world to the Web world, and increase your bottom line.

There are many ways to bring in additional streams of income using B.O.B.

One of the best ways, of course, is by referrals. Just as you use testimonials on your site, also get your customers to refer you to others on the outside. REMIND them (frequently) to tell their family, friends, and business buddies about your site. Getting a short and memorable Domain Name definitely helps in this regard.

Providing a special incentive, such as a discount or gift to both your customer and her referral makes both of them feel that you are giving them a special deal. People like to feel special, and they like special deals that others can't get. This adds to customer satisfaction, which will, in turn, get you more referrals.

Thus, one more stream of happy buyers!

Another technique is using business cards as ads to increase your online sales. A properly designed business card for this purpose would be geared toward getting the card-holder to visit your site. Don't just put your name and website on the card! Give them a reason to go there. Give them an incentive, or make them curious enough to want to check it out. Also, don't try to sell your product on your card - just create enough interest to get them to your site, where your sales copy will either get the sale, or get them on your golden list!

Whatever you do, don't mislead the prospect just to get them to your site! That will only serve to use up your bandwidth, and irritate what could have been your newest customer.

Be sure to give your card out everywhere you go - the gas station, the grocery store, the restaurant, the mall, the symphony, the museum - everywhere.

Leave a trail of cards behind you - one more easy technique to add to your bottom line!

There are many more ways to increase your online sales by coordinating the outside world with your Internet marketing techniques. Be creative in your integration, and you will find your site getting more and more visitors.

So don't forget to use B.O.B. (Best Of Both worlds) in every marketing campaign to build your business to the max!

About The Author

Kathryn Thomas, born, raised, and living in Texas, believes in doing things in a BIG way. Be sure to visit her at to see the $100,000/mo. income plan. Yes, that's per MONTH!

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