FSBO Upscale Manhattan Co-op -- Only Strongest Offers Entertained

Had I known in 1985 what I know now about Internet Marketing, I would have leapt quickly on the Web instead of dabbling in real estate. Course, I DID learn about a property that was GREAT for my husband and me.

We stumbled six/seven months living in New York City upon a raw pajama factory become co-op -- and moved in. Turned the loft into two spaces each with two large bedrooms, open living room/dining room/kitchen area, and high as heaven ceilings.

A smart marketer with insights like the ones I am about to share would have borrowed the money and bought the entire building! Three blocks from Madison Square Garden too......Magic, Larry Bird, Doctor J....missed opportunity!!

Anyway YOU do better -- starting now...

1. Write articles and send them to e-zines. Introduce first rate free e-books as well as affiliate connections.

2. Turn three/four articles into an e-book. Give the book away, creating a viral product.

3. Join strong affiliate programs. Study the accompanying instructional aids and apply them to your activities.

4. Acknowledge every purchase with a personal thank you within 24 hours. Ask 'how is my product working for you?' and 'what can I do to help you?' Offer ongoing service and valuable marketing gifts.

5. Stock up on quality free e-books. Give them away to your purchasers.

6. Send an e-mail with titles and instructive comments about your freebies to your buyers via autoresponder. Promise and deliver again and again.

7. Create a forum...keeps you attentive. Maybe a splendid niche website idea will leap out at you.

8. Create your own e-zine. Using a POP-UNDER, ask visitors to subscribe to or/and buy a product discounted in the POP-UNDER script. Keep your visitors reading, thinking, and expecting from you.

9. Ask visitors to bookmark your site.

10. Create a message board. Ask visitors for their questions and comments. Respond when you learn what you need to know.. Study something new to you...and stay ahead of the curve..

11. Create a web page. Advertise your e-zines, scripts, tips, and articles to the Web community. Brand them -- and give them away.

12. Ask for testimonials from purchasers and subscribers. Include names, city/state, photos. Display testimonials and photos along right or left margins of the webpage. Use handwritten testimonials and ordinary pictures instead of studio shots. Make everything you offer and share REAL.

(c) Gladys Margaret Williams 2005 All Rights Reserved

This is Gladys Williams' first Internet article. She got her 'know-how' from the Edwards' (father and son) TURN WORDS INTO TRAFFIC. Best instruction since Ms. Dobbs' 10th grade English class!

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