Your Personal Fortune Is In Your Words!

What is the most important skill you can possess as an Internet Marketer?

Your words!

The words you choose to use in your ad copy, in your sales letters and on your website will determine your success in sales!

Improve your "word" skills daily. Read the ads that come to your mailbox (spam) and learn what words others are using to SELL their product. More important read your competitors ads. What words do they use to SELL their product?

Carl Jung did a study and has determined people fall into one of 4 groups:

1. Thinkers

2. Feelers

3. Sensors

4. Intuitors

Thinkers are detailed oriented, logical and their fear is criticism. They will check and recheck facts. Targeting this group you will need to use factual numbers, precise words outlining benefits of saving money and value for money spent. Be professional and conservative giving the thinker facts and space to make their decision.

Feelers are risk takers and highly competitive. Entrepreneurs and investors fall into this category. They are assertive and confident and do not have time to waste time. To target this group you will need to use "strength" words, saving time, money and appeal to health related issues. Be quick and confident with your words to attract a "feeler".

Sensors are idea people, advertising, writers...anything creative. People of this group are prone to buy "status". Use words that will make them feel important, well liked, and recognized. The sensors are into things that will help them become more organized, they like software and books. Approach this group with friendship, show you are not "all business".

The Intuitors are excellent listeners and patient. They are slow in making decisions. They are "comfort" people and if they are comfortable with you, will purchase from you. They are turned off by fast talking salespeople so you will need to make friends with them first, selling yourself and finding a common ground between you and them. Use comfort words.

Look at your product. Think about the above groups and write down words you feel would attract each group. Go to and, expand on the words you have written down. Avoid hype but find some words that will spice up your adcopy.

Do not try to sell your product in your ad. You are only writing to your target group to get them to take the next step. Use your email address or set up an autoresponder so you can capture the email address of your prospect, and to send them a more details of your offer. Use words that will appeal to each target group.

Create a picture in the readers mind. It's like telling a story, you have a beginning, a middle and an end. Your ad is a 'teaser' to get them to WANT to read your story. (know more about your product)

Finally, please follow "truth in advertising". Educate yourself on the FTC guidelines. Your product must be legal and you must be ethical and honest promoting your product. No amount of words can fix that!

The words you choose WILL sell your product...choose them well!

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