What The Internet Marketing Gurus Are Doing That You Are Not

Do you want to join the well known gurus like Terry Dean, Willie Crawford, Jimmy D. Brown, Micheal Green, Jim Daniels, etc in bringing highly targeted visitors to your website weekly without spending a dime in adverts?

If yes, then write articles and send to article directories, article banks, article announcement lists and ezine editors on a constant basis.

Terry Dean uses it consistently to bring highly targeted traffic to his websites. At one time he said that he could stop advertising and writing TODAY and still will generate well over 50% of his traffic for years to come...all because of free articles.

Micheal Green confessed that he is making thousands of dollars in sales, for each article that he writes. He also said that EVERY leading marketer that he knows includes "article writing" in their TOP THREE most-used promotional strategies.

Willie Crawford said anytime he writes, his articles are published on many other websites, so each article becomes a mini-system which continues to bring in new site visitors and subscribers for YEARS.

Jim Daniels even calls writing article his "web traffic magnet" because it brought him 8,000 visitors per month in just his second month of existence. Now it contributes in bringing him over 100,000 visitors a month... without fail.

Jim Edwards revealed that he recently received 23,234 targeted visits (which converted to $5,864.41 in sales) in just 1 month from over 1,651 different sources - many of which came from his articles.

Jimmy D. Brown said you can write an article in half an hour, send it out to publishers and *literally* have your article in front of tens of thousands of subscribers in as little as a few hours.

Shelley Lowery advised that by writing articles and allowing them to be freely published, they will have the potential to be viewed by millions of Internet users!

All these Internet marketing gurus cannot be wrong about the potentials of writing and sending articles.

It actually works.

I can go on and on showing you how the well known Internet gurus are using articles to bring highly targeted traffic to their sites that translates to thousands of dollars in sales month after month, but I am sure you get the point.

To join them in making good use of this free but highly effective Internet marketing technique, do the following:

First, write an article around your key target topic or around any of your products. Make sure the article is very helpful and would be enjoyable to anyone who reads it.

Secondly, take the time to edit the article to make sure it is devoid of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Thirdly, get a large collection of article directories, article banks, article announcement lists and ezine publishers to send the article to.

A few article directories/banks to submit are:

When you have succeeded in sending your article to at least 100 directories/banks, announcement lists and as many ezine publishers related to your topic, you can then sit back and watch your website traffic increase consistently... and ultimately your sales.

If you still want to know more about the potentials of writing articles and exactly how to get started, download a free ebook here: http://www.nigerianscambuster.com/freeebook.html

The ebook contains expert tips by well known gurus about the How and Why of article writing and submission. It will show you all you need to learn to start profiting from article writing and submission.

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Josey Teby is giving only 50 people FREE access to his private article resource of 250+ article directories, 50+ article announcement lists and 'active' email addresses of ezine publishers that you can submit your articles to. Visit the site below quickly to beat 50 other people to it: http://www.nigerianscambuster.com/freeaccess.html


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